Summer Of Lianyungang


“Summer Of Lianyungang” is a traditional culture and tourism activity in Lianyungang.

It has been held regularly every year since 1997. After more than 20 years of development, the abundant cultural resources of tourism in Lianyungang have become more and more well known among people, which have also become a symbol of progress and change of this city.

During the festival, various activities are showing the city scape of Lianyungang from many aspects.

Many stars gather at the concert held in Lianyungang.

It has live performance, gourmet and beer at the music party.

In this festival, people can enjoy the spa in summertime. The pool awaits where Chinese medicine are all set for you.

In the parent-child bubble event, people are in a fantasy where colorful bubbles are all over the place.

There are also some outdoor sports events, such as windsurfing, mountain bike, etc.