Taizhou Overseas Chinese Town Water Carnival


The 10th Water Carnival of Taizhou Overseas Chinese Town is held from July 6th to August 31st. Throughout the whole summer, OCT will organize four activities of the EDM festival, exotic events, Tik Tok celebrities, and pool party in turns. The super cool visual feast is waiting for you!

During the water festival, the wave pool and the swimming pool of Yunhai Hot Spring Water Park are comprehensively opened, where there are various water equipments, parent-child games, water gun battles, water trampoline and water seesaw.

You can listen to the live of the hottest and most popular internet songs at the water festival! At the opening ceremony and weekend sessions, there are also some mysterious guests who are super-popular and Tik Tok celebrities. Who are you most looking forward to?

Boiled lobster, Shisanxiang lobster, chilled lobster, garlic lobster, etc., as well as Orleans grilled chicken wings, crispy roast chicken, Brazilian barbecue, grilled fish will be there… You can order the delicious barbecue and fresh crayfish with several friends, accompanied by chilled draft beer, peanut and edamame. What a life!