China Qintong Boat Festival


Qintong Boat Festival is an ancient Chinese folk activities. Qintong boat is mainly distributed in the Lixiahe region, and hundreds of square kilometers. Boats are usually divided into Penny’s boat, boating, Huachuan, tribute ship, turn boat woman etc. five types, ignited a Han people’s best wishes and hope and pray, and look forward to peace and prosperity, prosperous life, long Shichang, “. Qintong Boat Festival is an annual, “Qintong boat under heaven”, known as the “Grand View of folk culture, the region of rivers and lakes customs Expo”.

China Qintong Boat Festival 溱潼会船节

Time: On the following day of the Pure Brightness Festival (early April)
Venue: Qintong Town Jiangyan City
Whats On: An entertainment evening party, the competition
participated by nearly l,000 boats, the performance of folk customs (decorated boats, colorflil lanterns, dragon lanterns