The 12th Golden Flower Tourism Festival in Gaochun


A large number of cole flowers in Gaochun international slow city have already blossomed in spring.

This year’s Golden Flower Festival starts on March 15 and runs until May 10, during which a series of unique online events will be held. You can see it on the Niu Ka video app and Gaochun Slow City official WeChat.

1.The VLOG which is the theme of ‘Slow City Searching for Spring’ follows the steps of the host,and you can experience the beauty of Slow City without leaving home to realize ‘cloud tourism’at home;

2.Look at the beauty of Slow City from time to time, and you can enjoy the immersive experience through the mobile phone 24 hours and 360 degrees. You can scan the QR code below to watch the live show.

3.Farmhouse organic cuisine ‘cloud competition’, not only can watch the production of the whole food, but also can conduct online voting to select the most popular Slow City farmhouse cuisine;

  1. 农家乐

4.The ‘Fresh in Gaochun’activity will present the farm food hidden in the depths of Slow City; Through the “Zai Nanjing” APP to achieve online sales.

5.‘Beauty in Slow City’, soliciting original videos, this activity encourage everyone to take beautiful pictures, and share the slow city spring in your eyes with the majority of netizens;

Video requirements: 1. Use horizontal screen to record video; 2. Control the video duration within 30 seconds; 3. Video must be in mp4 or mov format and the size must be less than 200M.

Participation method: The applicant sends the video to the mailbox, and notes the author’s name and contact information.

6.‘Golden Flower King’, H5 mini game, interactive quiz with prizes is waiting for you to participate. You can scan the QR code on your mobile phone, or open the WeChat applet to participate in the game.

During the Golden Flower Festival, Gaochun Yaxi International Slow City and Gucheng Lake Water Slow City implemented real-name registration. Visitors can make online reservation through WeChat applet, or go to the gate of the scenic area to register with real name. Reservation at the gate of the scenic area requires valid ID and other valid documents. The online entrance is to open the official Gaochun Slow City WeChat to select the scenic area for appointment.