The Fourth Qinhuai Light Show in Lishui lit up on the New Year's Day


Nanjing’s Fourth Qinhuai Light Show in Lishui took the lead in the whole city of Nanjing on New Year’s Day, lasting for 3 months. During the period, except newly-introduced lighting techniques, a number of must-go tourist attractions are publicized including two brand new mysterious light show areas .

The Light Show on the theme of “New town center in southern Nanjing, A vigorous and active city”, expand the exhibition to four sub-themes, including “lights, joyful Lishui”, “beautiful city, dynamic LiShui”, “Charm of Tang Dynasty, dream back to the past” and “Deep root with lush leaves, intelligent LiShui”, a total of 86 groups of lighting units gathered on the pagoda park, top lane park and river, the south gate moat area, the city god temple. In Lishui, trees are turning into lights, streets are turning into light show areas and the city is surrounded by an ocean of lights.


During the show period, you are expected to see two special lighting areas. One is located in the south of the city, in Wuxiang Watertown, recreating cultural blocks of thousand years ago, which is also nominated as a Yangtze River Delta cultural tourism landmark project. The other one, Yongshoufang block, is a newly built commercial and cultural landmark and urban cultural communication area in Lishui. Positioned next to the Pagoda Park, this area opens 24-hour a day to customers.