See You At Mid-Autumn Festival In Wuxi


The Mid-Autumn Festival, the fifteenth day of August of the lunar calendar, is a traditional festival which is popular in Chinese ethnic groups and Chinese cultural circles. Since the ancient times, on that day, people have enjoyed customs such as moon-watching, eating moon cakes, and drinking Osmanthus wine. It is the feelings of missing hometown and loved ones that make this festival last so far. As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, various events in Wuxi also begins.

Turtle Head Island Firework and Music Festival: In order to celebrating the 70th birthday of the People’s Republic of China, this festival will start on the evening of September 13th and 15th! You can see a new kind of fireworks with laser, music rhythm and commentary. The conference prepared a variety of night gardening activities for the tourists, such as the Mid-Autumn Festival party and tent camping.

Meiyuan Light Art Festival: It has been held for ten years since 2009. The light art festival will integrate various forms such as Zigong Lantern, 3D Holographic Reality Show, Giant Screen Light Show, and Wuqiao Acrobatics. From September 6th to October 8th, the Light Show will be staged every day from 18:30-21:30.

Ancient Canal Lantern Festival: The festival will last from August 16th to November 30th. The lantern festival of the ancient canal is about 2.6 kilometers long, starting from the Nanchan Temple and running through the Jiangnan Water Lane, which will form a gorgeous chapter of the canal. From September 11th to 13th, the festival will hold traditional operas, riddle guessing and other activities.