Jiangsu Nanjing: The 35th Qinhuai Lantern Festival is ready for light-up, all sorts of lanterns are well-prepared.


The annual China · Qinhuai Lantern Fair has always been the expectation of Nanjing residents. 2021 will be the 35th Qinhuai Lantern Fair, and all kinds of lanterns are in production. January 18, 2021, in Nanjing Bailuzhou Park, lantern artists from Zigong, Sichuan province are making various kinds of lanterns, some large lanterns have completed the skeleton production, lotus, carp, palace lanterns and other shapes of the lantern has been completed. These lanterns are extremely beautiful, placed on the road ready for final light-up. It is reported that this year, Qinhuai Lantern Festival will be displayed in Confucius Temple, Laomendong Area, Bailuzhou Park and other places from February 4, 2021 (the 23rd of the 12th lunar month).