Fingertip Temple Fair, Meet The New Year In Yangzhou


Scissors On The Flourishing – Yangzhou Paper-Cut

In China, paper-cutting has the broadest mass base, no matter where you go, you can see paper-cutting in daily life. It is not only a handicraft, but also an important part of folk activities. Because of regional differences, paper cutting has a wide range of influence, but its forms are different, and regional culture also has a profound influence. Paper-cutting is an indispensable single product during the Spring Festival, and window decoration is also a necessary item for every family at the beginning of the New Year. Yangzhou has the custom of paper-cutting spring, a pair of scissors, a stack of paper, cut out the most lively New Year, cut out the most sincere hope, cut out the most wonderful prosperity.

Yangzhou paper cutting is closely related to people’s life, and people pass their feelings and expectations through paper cutting. Paper cutting themes are rich and varied, mainly “blessing”, “fortune”, “longevity”, “happiness” and “abundance”, which are the good expectations of life and the harvest vision of farming operations. Paper-cutting is a cultural tree growing from the soil of folk life. The inheritance of living folk life creates paper-cutting and maintains the lasting existence of living folk tradition. The paper-cut museum is located in the back garden of Wang’s small garden. It displays the fine paper-cut art of various schools. When you linger in Yangzhou gardens and listen to the stories of the rise and fall of the big families, you can buy a gift to accompany you.


The Flower Of Art That Never Withers – The Common Grass Flower

On festivals, girls in Yangzhou like to decorate their hair with a few tongcao flowers. Tongcao flowers are made of leaves of Tongcao as raw materials, and are often made into ornaments such as hairpins and hairpins. It feels like baby skin, crisp and textured. Since the Song Dynasty, girls in Yangzhou have had the custom of wearing flowers. Later, they were brought into the palace as tributes and were very popular with the palace ladies. Even in the TV series The Story of Yanxi Palace, the figure of Tongcao Flower is also common.

Not only as ornaments, Tongcao flowers can also be made into exquisite bonsai. In winter, only the plum blossom usually blooms, but the appearance of the Tongcao flower brings out the color of spring in the snow-bound winter and creates a vibrant atmosphere in the New Year. The eternal flower never fades, as does the joy of a New Year.


Fine Makeup – Yangzhou Rouge

Yangzhou rouge Suzhou flower, Changzhou comb the first. This ballad succinctly summarizes the common tools of women’s dressing and dressing. Yangzhou rouge has been a popular makeup item for girls until now. As early as in the ancient book records: “the world of fragrant powder, nothing like Yangzhou”. “A Dream of Red Mansions” also introduced that “this powder is light, white, red and fragrant. It is clean and smooth on the face, unlike other powder and astringent……” It can be seen that light, white, red and fragrant are the biggest characteristics of Yangzhou powder.

Founded in Daoguang decade Xie Fuchun are outstanding in yangzhou many cosmetics, gather the fragrance from flowers and injection powder, oil, supplemented by other materials such as Chinese medicine, through multi-channel process processing, thus made known as the “powder” quiet Xie Fuchun (duck egg powder), “oil” (osmanthus oils) and “xiang” (a), and production techniques of this act has been listed as China national non-material cultural heritage list. There are many and complex processes, such as deployment, kneading, pressing, demoulding, sintering and other key techniques, which need to be observed and figured out by experience, and understood by heart.

Today, walking in the streets of Yangzhou, you can still see the figure of Xie Fuchun. Walking into the antique shop, smelling the light aroma and looking at boxes of exquisite duck egg powder, at that moment, people will have an illusion of traveling through time and space, as if returning to the scene where artisans elaborately made makeup powder in the old days.