Nanjing Qixia Mountain Red Maple Art Festival


As the autumn is approaching, Nanjing Qixia Mountain is about to be in the most romantic season of the year. On October 12, 2019, the 10th (Forest) Tourism Mountaineering Festival of Nanjing and the 19th “Autumn of Qixia” Red Maple Art Festival officially kicked off in Qixia Mountain. The festival will end on December 22.

Qixia Mountain has always been a fascinating place. It is full of ancient monuments, rich in forest resources, and an important representative of the culture of the Six Dynasties in Nanjing.

There gonna be ten series of activities during the “Autumn of Qixia” Red Maple Festival: the parent-child theme activities– “Children’s Voice for Qixia”, “Qixia Treasure” theme exhibitions,  “I am in Qixia…I am Here…” Online video collection and so on.

In this year’s Red Maple Festival, Nanjing Qixia Mountain Scenic Area Joint City Tour Bus operated the around-city tour bus from the Presidential Palace to Qixia Mountain. Among them, there is also the first 5G experience cars in the whole province, making it more convenient for urban tourists to go sightseeing in Qixia Mountain and enjoy the maple.

In this autumn, the mountain will bring unprecedented shock, surprise, romance and sweetness to visitors. Is there any reason not to fall in love with this mountain?