Jiangsu Rural Tourism Festival 江苏省乡村旅游节


Countryside has become the ideal “Poetry Destination” for many tourists. The 10th Jiangsu Rural Tourism Festival will be held on October 17th in Hengbei Village, Dafeng District, Yancheng, the key village of national rural tourism, and end on November 17.

This year’s Rural Tourism Festival focuses on key rural tourism village, cultural production, product development, rural intangible cultural heritage, and various festival activities. Activities will be launched during the event include rural tourism photo exhibitions, rural cultural creative products, rural intangible cultural heritage performances, and 100 rural tourism product recommendations etc.

At the same time, based on the theme of this year’s rural tourism festival– “Beautiful Jiangsu, Beautiful Village”, there will be Lianyungang China International Crystal Festival, Xuzhou Fengxian Apple Culture Festival, Changzhou Daisy Exhibition, Yancheng Dutch Flower Sea Lily Flower Culture Month, Huai’an Hongze Lake International Hairy Crab Festival, Yancheng Funing Jinsha Lake Fishery Culture Festival, Suqian National (Siyang) Chengzi Lake Road Cycling Open Championship and other activities.