The 20th "Qixia Autumn" Red Maple Art Festival 第二十届“秋栖霞”红枫艺术节


In Autumn, always have people desired to get an opportunity to visit the colorful world of Qixia Mountain. In October, the tourists would see the most famous season of the year in Qixia Mountain in Nanjing. On Oct. 10, 2020, the 20th “Qixia Autumn” Red Maple Art Festival officially opened in the beautiful Qixia Mountain, and the festival activities will continue until Dec. 20, 2020.

This festival has emerged as a major tourism brand in Jiangsu and even the whole China. This activity, with the theme of “Qixia Scenic Spot, Chinese Maple Flavor”, would show the rapid changes of Qixia Mountain Scenic Area in the past 20 years with red maple as the medium and nostalgia as the affection. This festival, through a multi-form, multi-domain, multi-interactive series activities, further displays the landscape, humanities and wisdom of Qixia Mountain. During the 72-day event, the director of scenic area meticulously planned 20 online and offline series activities .

The mode of “Night Maple” appreciation won people’s affection, The Red Maple Festival in this year will be held soon, and the Night Map Theme Concert Performance will also make debut for the first time, don’t miss it! In case that the autumn has adequate rainfall with suitable temperature, the most brilliant world will be presented in Qixia Mountain with numerous red autumnal leaves.

Ticket fare: RMB 40/person


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