Chrysanthemum Appreciation Strategy of Wuxi Huishan Hill 无锡惠山赏菊攻略


Every golden autumn, in the ancient town of Wuxi Huishan Hill, the colorful chrysanthemum exhibition will come as scheduled. This has also become one of the traditional activities that natives of Wuxi must experience every autumn.

This year, the key exhibition areas of the “2020 Golden Autumn Huishan Hill Chrysanthemum Fair” will be held in Cultural Relics Area, Historical and Cultural Blocks, and Xihui Scenic Area. It has over 700 varieties, tens of thousands of fine chrysanthemum pots, and small flower beds with unique shapes… Each grows wantonly in the sun.

In the cultural relic area, it mainly displays chrysanthemum scenic spots, flower 3D booth, art chrysanthemum, variety chrysanthemum, etc. The adorable animal shaped chrysanthemums with different shapes concerning deer, lamb, dolphin and other animals are matched with other plants, and the flowers gradually bloom as time goes on. . The historical and cultural blocks mainly display the landscape and the varieties of chrysanthemum. Once entering the block, there will be a “Chrysanthemum Avenue” to welcome tourists. The Xihui Scenic Area is dominated by the layout of the door head and flower beds, where flowers are the finishing touch of the garden. There are so many beautiful Chrysanthemum flower beds being decorated there, displaying the profound connation of ancient garden, with high artistic conception.

Time: Sep. 26 – Nov. 30

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