Jiangsu Art Troupe's 2020 "Happy Chinese New Year" French debut is a consummate success


At 7:30 pm local time on January 17, the Jiangsu Art Troupe held the first “Happy Chinese New Year” special performance at the French Academy of Music. Focusing on the themes of “Happy Spring” and “Water Rhyme”, they performed festive traditional music, southern folk music with the charm of water village and local French songs. The mayor of Bobigny, teachers and students of the Conservatory, and more than 200 local citizens watched the performance together. The mayor of Bobigny praised the performance and exchanged talks with the art group after the performance.

On January 18th local time, Roni Subois welcomed the second performance of the “Happy Chinese New Year” of the Jiangsu Art Troupe. Roni Subois produced a French brochure for the Jiangsu Art Troupe and Chinese folk music and make a distribution to local citizens who came to enjoy the concert. When the performance was over, all the audience stood up to applaud the Jiangsu Art Troupe, and they didn’t want to leave for a long time. When the art troupe left by car, everyone thumbs up and praised “merci (thank you)” and “bravo (excellent)”.

On January 19th local time, the Jiangsu Art Troupe went to the third stop–Orleans. As a sister city of Yangzhou in our province, Orleans has held “Happy Chinese New Year” activities for five years constantly, and the atmosphere of the New Year is very strong. The Orleans audience who loves Chinese culture is intoxicated with the wonderful music during the show. When the performance of the art troupe was over, the audience applauded for them constantly. The art troupe presented the first second-return to perform in France.

The Seine Festival Hall is decorated with Chinese red features. The Jiangsu Art Troupe spent New Year’s Eve with the citizens of Seine and celebrated the New Year together. After the Mayor Francis Monchett gave a speech, he chose to sit with the citizens to enjoy the Chinese New Year Concert from Jiangsu. After the performance, the art troupe also participated in the lighting ceremony of the local Chinese New Year Lantern Festival.

Jiangsu Art Troupe has completed their performances of “Happy Chinese New Year” in fore French cities  successfully.