Huanhao River Museum Group


Nantong is the birthplace of the undertaking of Chinese museums, which enjoyed the reputation of “The Hometown of Culture and Museum.” The Huanhao River Museum Group emerged as one of Nantong’s City landmarks. Nantong has more than 30 museums, which can be called the “The Urban Town of Museum City”. Huanhao River currently has many museums such as Nantong City Museum, Chinese Abacus Museum, China Audit Museum, China Charity Museum, Blue Calico Museum, Central Art Museum, and other museums. The architecture is characterized by the classical literature and art in its appearance with a profound connection from ancient and modern times.

Nantong City Museum officially opened in Aug. 2005, and completed the second overall renovation at the end of 2013. It is the first city museum in Jiangsu Province.

The Chinese Abacus Museum is situated on the bank of the Huanhao River in Nantong City. It’s coverage reaches 30 mu with a building area of 6000 m2. It is the largest abacus topic museum in the province.

The China Audit Museum is located on the banks of the Hao River. As the world’s first industry museum with auditing as its theme. It collects and preserves many audit history collections, displaying the development of Chinese auditing over thousands of years.