Celebrate the Chinese New Year at the Source of the Qinhuai River


Baota (Pagoda) Park: The Rhyme of Ancient Charm

As the core area of the lantern festival, Pagoda Park houses 15 sets of lanterns with the element of the Tiger year, which reproduce the picture of the source of the Qinhuai River. For the festival, the promenade tunnels are designed with sky lanterns and flowing water elements. Besides, there are themed lantern displays of 12 Chinese zodiacs celebrating the New Year and the best wishes to Lishui from celebrities. All installments will bring an extraordinary atmosphere of the Chinese New Year.

Zhuangyuanfang Park: A Place Gathering of Humanities

At the south entrance of the Zhuangyuanfang Park, visitors will be welcomed by the two traditional tiger gate gods magnificent and cute. Here visitors can appreciate the lantern sets such as “the Umbrella Rhyme” and “the Pearl of Ink,” allowing visitors to immerse in the world of lights. To increase the fun, riddles are hidden in lanterns for tourists to solve. The whole setting of the park during the festival will give visitors a wonderful experience full of traditional Chinese elements.

Yongshoufang: The Modern Trend

Whether it is the steel frame, wire frame, or flexible light strips, the specially designed light sets for “the modern and trendy market street” will surely be an eye-opener for the visitors. The gate in the shape of the Longevity Tower is decorated with fashionable and fun elements, bringing a trendy and modern atmosphere to the picture. There are also lantern sets, including the Tunnel of Time, the Wings of Angels, and other lantern carvings that are flashy and stunning.

A View of Streets and Alleys

In the sea of lights, Tongji Street is full of ancient charm. Here, visitors can experience the folk customs and the bustling life of Lishui.

During the lantern festival, different installments, including the lanterns of five berry babies, tree lights, and the gypsophila lights, are decorated along main streets, such as Pagoda Road, Xitan Road, and Central Street. By lighting up the permanent decorations, a series of dots and lines will add flavors to the Chinese New Year.


End date of the event: February 18, 2022

Lighting time: from 18:00 everyday