The 5th Season of Jiangsu Super Fun ended with 50 awesome snacks of Jiangsu


On April 25, Jiangsu Province Department of Culture and Tourism’s heavy brand activity Jiangsu Super Fun released the fifth season of fun report — Snacks Map in Jiangsu, 50 characteristic and delicious Jiangsu snacks with culture and heritage attract the attention of many foodies!

Yummy Jiangsu, super fun, more delicious!

The special reporter of the activity Big Face Su lasted for a month, went to 13 cities in the province, ate every Jiangsu’s famous snack: Nanjing duck blood soup with vermicelli, Jinling egg with chicken embryo inside, Qinghuai snacks; Wuxi small steamed bun, kaiyang (dried shrimp) wonton, four-color dumpling, magnolia cake; Xuzhou spicy soup, frog fish, baked bun rolling cluster, fried bread stick with egg; Changzhou shrimp cake, lard net roll, Dama cake; Suzhou pastry, gorgon fruit in sugar water, red bean sugar porridge; Nantong Xiting crispy cookie, Rugao Dong sugar, Shigang Yin cake, Shrimp roe baked wheat cake; Lianyungang small fish pancake, Guanyun doudan, Banpu bean jelly; Huai ‘an fried dough twist, small fish  fried dumpling, Wenlou steamed buns with soup; Yancheng marinaded mud snail, Funing walnut slices, Wuyou fried dough twist with sugar, Jianhu lotus root powder balls; Yangzhou multiple layer oil cake, emerald-jade vegetable and ham dumpling, buns stuffed with  chicken & pork and bamboo shoot, dough sheet soup with pork and shrimp; Zhenjiang pot cover noodles, salted pork in jelly, Jingang baked bun; Taizhou Huangqiao pancake, crab roe bun, shredded dried bean curd with sauce; Suqian wheel-shaped cake, rolling dough  and haw jelly.

These are the most locally characterized, most popular and  most interesting famous snacks in Jiangsu that are full of Jiangsu local flavor and mellow life breath, flashing the wisdom brilliance of working people from generation to generation in 13 cities of the province.

Big Face Su became a small cate radar and ate every famous snack in Jiangsu

In this activity, the mascot, Big Face Su, became “small cate radar”, digging famous products, famous stores and famous snacks around Jiangsu, through interesting pictures and articles, creative video, popular topics, distinctive culture creation and other funny forms, outputted content about yummy foods, started interaction of deliciousness and attracted many fans and food lovers to have a heated discussion and the nomination of popular snacks of all corners.

During the activity, Big Face Su’s rich “foodie” emoji won over many netizens. “Super delicious” food short video, “portrait” of snacks in thirteen cities of Jiangsu, the customized special page with rich content and “snacks map in Jiangsu” drawn by Big Face Su with full passion have three-dimensionally presented Jiangsu famous snacks with pictures, tastes and cultural heritage, stimulating the taste buds of tourists online and offline. Netizens repeatedly praised: Jiangsu is not only of super fun, but also super delicious!

Jiangsu Super Fun, more wonderful in 2019!

For all the time, in Jiangsu Super Fun, the new gameplay of “online + offline + experience” and the new form of “mascot + short video + hand account strategy” have received a lot of praises. In 2019, under the overall brand running through the activity, Jiangsu Super Fun will continue to dig deep into Jiangsu characteristic resources to launch more popular topics: “Go to museums! A dialogue with Jiangsu museums” in July, “An addiction to history! The intangible cultural heritage on fingertip in Jiangsu” in September, and “Stay even by eating dirt! Jiangsu homestay arena” in December. More new gameplays for Jiangsu will be unlocked, and they are worthy of expectations!