Jiangsu Super Fun –Deep experience of Intangible Cultural Heritage Museums


On October 25, 2019, the 7th season of “Jiangsu Super Fun”, a brand event of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Cultural and Tourism, was launched! This season, Big Face Su will take you to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Museums in Jiangsu for inheriting Chinese national culture.

New Lesson! Jiangsu Super Fun with Intangible Cultural Heritage

With more than 5,000 years of lasting civilization, China has created a profound national culture. Through thousands of years of development, it has been keeping forging ahead and creating amazing legacies. As of December 2018, China has 40 UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage (Roster) projects, ranking the first in the world. The inheritance and development of intangible culture has got great concern in China and the world. With the rapid development and promotion of the integration of culture and tourism, the relationship between intangible cultural heritage and tourism is getting closer and closer. “People, items and life”, there are more and more intangible cultural heritage projects such as performances, craftsmanship, food, and arts are “protecting in improvement” and “going into modern life”. In this season of “Jiangsu Super Fun”, Big Face Su will visit the Intangible Cultural Heritage Museums in Jiangsu which is a province with abundant cultural and tourism resources and experience the extraordinary charm of world-class intangible cultural heritage.

(China Block Printing Museum at Yangzhou)

(China Block Printing Museum at Yangzhou—Craftsmanship of Chinese Block Printing)

With the theme of “finding all the fun in Jiangsu”, “Jiangsu Super Fun” creatively uses the new mode of “online + offline + experience” to publicize Jiangsu’s characteristic travel resources. Since 2018, the event mascot Big Face Su, who has a large number of fans and good reviews, has been active in various cities in Jiangsu, and has intensively explored historical districts, century-old stores, featured museums, design hotels and other fun in each cities.

New Line-up! Chinese National Main Media Work Together

In this season of “Jiangsu Super Fun”, for the first time, the “2019 national main media are connected in activities of integration and focus on the Jiangsu cultural tourism hotspots to show the achievements of Jiangsu cultural tourism and promote the prosperity of it.

Dozens of Chinese national media reporters and Big Face Su form a powerful experience group. The group will visit the ” Nanjing Brocade Museum of China”, ” China Block Printing Museum at Yangzhou”, “China Kunqu Opera Museum” and other featured museums in Jiangsu. The museum interprets the inheritance and innovation of the representative works of human intangible cultural heritage such as “Nanjing Yunjin Weaving Skills”, “Chinese Engraving Printing Techniques” and “Kunqu” with a unique cultural perspective, tourism perspective and life perspective.

(Nanjing Brocade Museum of China)

(Nanjing Brocade Museum of China—weaving clothes)

Super Fun! Come with Big Face Su

This season of “Jiangsu Super Fun” will continue until mid-November, and Big Face Su will take fans and friends to experience in depth and explain in detail about these amazing cultural treasures: no matter the strict looming programming rules behind “Yun Brocade”, the history of “block printing”, or the legendary story of “Kunqu”, they will not be missed. During the event, the Su Da face vlog and the travel notes of Intangible Cultural Heritage Museums will be continuously updated. There will also be well-prepared culture gift package sent by Big Face Su. Stay tuned!

(China Kunqu Opera Museum Performance Stage)

(China Kunqu Opera Museum Exhibition)