7th Season of Jiangsu Super Fun Ends — Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum Treasures


On November 11th, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism’s brand event “Jiangsu Super Fun” seventh season of ” Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum ” ushered in the end! During the whole event, Big Face Su told the story of “Intangible Cultural Heritage” in super fun ways and led a team to visit many Intangible Cultural Heritage museums in Jiangsu.

Inheritance of Intangible Cultural Heritage Across The Millennium

In this season of “Jiangsu Super Fun”, for the first time, we joint with the “2019 national main media” in themed activities of integration of culture and tourism and visit the museums together. National reporters and Big Face Su have went to ” Nanjing Brocade Museum of China”, ” China Block Printing Museum at Yangzhou”, “China Kunqu Opera Museum” and explored the Nanjing Brocade craftsmanship, the technique of China Block Printing and Kunqu performance which are Listed in the UNESCO “Representation of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage”. Focusing on the hotspots of Jiangsu’s cultural tourism, they show the inheritance of Intangible Cultural Heritage and the achievements of integration of culture and tourism.

Super Cute Big Face Su Make Museums Hot Places

During the whole event, the mascot “Big Face Su” pays attations on the national treasure — intangible cultural heritage in a unique cultural, tourism and life perspective. These simple, humorous words, pictures, emojis and vlogs show the netizens vividly the inheritance, development and innovation of Intangible Cultural Heritage in many aspects.

As a “Jiangsu Cartoon Influencer”, Big Face Su is super influential and help the Intangible Cultural Heritage gain high popularity again. In the offline activities, Big Face Su plays an active role in interacting with visitors and fans in the Intangible Cultural Heritage museums of Jiangsu by giving special-made gifts and telling the past and present story of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, which brings an upsurge among people. Netizens have left many messages saying: “we want to watch the funny “Jiangsu Super Fun” again. It’s really amusing!”

Interesting! “Jiangsu Super Fun”, To Be Continued

The Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism’s event “Jiangsu Super Fun” has been online for 2 years since it was launched in 2018. According to the purpose of ” discovering all the fun in Jiangsu”, it follows the new trend of “online + offline + experience” in the era of mobile internet to convey the characteristics of Jiangsu cultural tourism with a new perspective. Since 2018, “Jiangsu Super Fun” has launched seven seasons of special themes. The event mascot Big face Su have visited various cities in Jiangsu and had deep experience of excavation of historical districts, century-old shops, featured museums and themed hotels. The number of fans has been growing, and the good reviews from netizens have become more.

In the future, “Jiangsu Super Fun” will continue to create more attractive and innovative new forms to unlock more ways of having fun in Jiangsu!