FUN Vacation In Paradise! The 6th Season Of “Jiangsu Super Fun” Begins!


On July 18, 2019, “Jiangsu Theme Park Party” of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism’s brand event “Jiangsu Super Fun” started! Big Face Su will lead you to all the theme parks in Jiangsu for 360-degree fun!

Summer Limited “Jiangsu Theme Park Party” Matches With Vacation

Did you go to some parks this summer for fun? Do you know any new theme parks in Jiangsu where so many parks locate? Do you know any theme parks where you could have fun both on the ground and in the water? “Jiangsu Theme Park Party” of “Jiangsu Super Fun” has started! Experienced Big Face Su becomes a vacation counselor who will bring you to 16 theme parks in Jiangsu to have a exciting summer break! This season of “Jiangsu Theme Park Party” is going to discover more new ways of having fun in theme parks based on the interesting style of former five seasons and the IP of those parks.

Adhering to the tenet of “Capturing Jiangsu’s unique points for fun and exporting all of it”, “Jiangsu Super Fun” will explore Jiangsu’s special resources in a multi-dimensional way from the perspective of tourists and catch the “new excitement” of tourists in the era of integration of culture and tourism. “A Fascinating Battle of Snacks” in the spring of 2019 received a lot of recommendations from netizens and bring a upsurge of tasty food in whole province.  The“Online+Offline+Experience” combined way of having fun and the “Mascot+Short Video+Guidance Set” way of being trendy were deeply loved by the audience. Never miss any season of “Jiangsu Super Fun” that is also regarded as the digger of fun in Jiangsu!

Big Face Su Guides You To All Theme Park In Jiangsu For Fun Of Vacation

On July 18th, Big Face Su appeared in Chinese Dinosaur Park in Changzhou and started the wonderful tour of “Jiangsu Theme Park Party” in the sixth season of “Jiangsu Super Fun” with the dinosaur baby mascots.

Big Face Su and dinosaur baby mascots visited the mysterious home of prehistoric dinosaurs at 360 degrees. The 4D rollercoaster, dinosaur museum and wild tour are so intensive and cool! Big Face Su who loves thrills and selfies could not stop having fun! The fans that were onlooking them said that they all wanted to take a roller coaster ride with the cute Big Face Su!

This season will last until the end of August throughout the whole summer vacation. Big Face Su, as a mascot, will lead the fans to all the parks in Jiangsu to play the most exciting game, watch the most popular parade and visit the funniest water land. There will be more v-logs of Big Face Su and updated guidance of parks on the ground and the water, as well as the well-prepared gift sets for fun tour. Please look forward to all of it!