The 6th Season of “Jiangsu Super Fun” Ends With Carnival of Amusement Lands


On August 2, 2019, “Jiangsu Theme Park Party” of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism’s brand event “Jiangsu Super Fun” ushered the end of this season-the carnival day! Big Face Su took the whole team to the theme parks in Jiangsu province to have 360-degree fun in various ways and themes of carnival, including water, land, sky, ice, sea and snow.

FUN Vacation and Super Fun Trip

The special reporter of this event, Big Face Su spend 1 month in visiting 14 theme parks in Jiangsu: Nanjing Gingko Lake Park, Wuxi Sunac Land, Xuzhou Amusement Park Resort, Chinese Dinosaur Park in Changzhou, Changzhou Global Anime Joyland, Yancheng Chunqiu Amusement Land, Suzhou Amusement Land Forest Waterland, Suzhou HB World, Nantong Adventure Land, Haizhouwan Water Park, Huai’an Dragon Palace Great Whale World, Yangzhou Amusement Land, Yancheng Da Yangwan Changle Water Park, Taizhou Quixue Lake Amusement Land.

The Master Big Face Su Shares Trip Tips of Amusement Lands in Jiangsu

In the joyful activity of exploring the Jiangsu theme park for one month, the mascot Big Face Su turned into a “happy player” and had FUN in Jiangsu by using the happy energy to explore the “FUN tour story” of each park, challenge all kinds of thrilling and exciting amusement equipments, and become friends with many mascots in the park!

Enjoying various happy games, Big Face Su gave his recommendations by fun graphics, creative videos, popular topics, featured cultural products and other fun forms. Hot issues of fan interaction, gift delivery and lottery make fans want to immediately go out to visit all Jiangsu’s theme parks for FUN summer vacation!

During this season, Big Face Su showed how to play in Jiangsu amusement parks. At the same time, it also released a series of super fun short videos, exciting exclusive guides, customized contents and so on, which presents the spectacular carnival and activates the tourists online and offline!

“Jiangsu Super Fun”, To Be Continued

“Jiangsu Super Fun” has been going on for a year and a half. The new way of “Online + Offline + Experience” and the new expression of “Mascot + Short Video + Guideline Notes” have received many good reviews and accumulated a large number of fans. Next, “Jiangsu Super Fun” will continue to deep into Jiangsu’s characteristic resources, bring more popular topics, and unlock Jiangsu’s new charms with Big Face Su, so stay tuned!