“Jiangsu Super Fun” New Year’s gift, take you to play in Jiangsu Homestay


On January 3, 2020, the eighth season of “Jiangsu Super Fun”, a major brand event of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Jiangsu Province, was launched.Take you “sleeping” all over the Jiangsu style homestay, and feel different poetry and distance.

Super yearning, sleep it! Open super fun poetry and distance

Finding a homestay for leisure and choosing an inn as your “home” on your trip has become a lifestyle that more and more people like. In the eighth season of “Jiangsu Super Fun” takes you to experience the popular homestays in 13 cities of Jiangsu.

This season “Jiangsu super fun” will interpret the connotation of style homestay in Jiangsu from the perspective of slow life and leisure, from multiple dimensions such as urban history, lifestyle, cultural tradition, architectural aesthetics, etc., and take you to explore the green waters and green mountains of Jiangsu in a super fun way to experience the life you yearn for.

(Wuxi yunyin East · Mo house)

Super attractive, sun it! Test sleeper “Su Dalian”, lying to win the circle of friends

Su Dalian, the mascot, was specially invited as a special sleeper to travel in the Jianghu and “meet friends by sleeping”, which opened the eighth season of Jiangsu super fun.Su Dalian made his first stop to the two style homestays in Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties: Nanjing Kuandu Hotel, and Li Shui Liang Peng Xia Style Homestay. One movement, one silence, one ancient and one modern, feel different Jinling style.

Super fun, check it out! Welcome the Spring Festival of “rat” together with “Jiangsu super fun”

Since the launch of “Jiangsu super fun” in 2018, it has been adhering to the tenet of “capturing Jiangsu’s unique playing points and exporting all the fun in Jiangsu”. It digs Jiangsu’s characteristic resources in a multi-dimensional way and vigorously conveys the highlights of Jiangsu’s playing methods.In the past year, the event’s original mascot “Su Dalian” led the team to complete three major topics with deep and enthusiastic topics: “Jiangsu Snack Soul Fight”, “Jiangsu Theme Park Party” and “Intangible Heritage Museum”.The combination of “online + offline + experience”, the creative expression of “mascot + short video + cute graphics” made netizens shout “super fun”!

(Yangzhou Fang cun Inn)

This season’s “Jiangsu Homestay” will continue until late January. During the whole event, the mascot Su Dalian will lead fans who love to travel and love to sleep in Jiangsu-style homestays, check in the popular online space and experience the life of Jiangsu .There are more short videos of Su dalian’s trying to sleep on vlog, the great secret scripts of homestay in the Jianghu have been dropped randomly, and the Spring Festival gift bag prepared by Su dalian has been sent out one after another.

(Xuzhou Zihai LanShan manor)

Jiangsu super fun, found all fun in Jiangsu!For more fun, please pay attention to the official wechat “江苏微旅游” of Jiangsu Provincial Department of culture and tourism.