In Jiangsu, People Celebrate the New Year Like This!


Nanjing: Qinhuai Lantern Festival


Beside qinhuai light is spread in nanjing area folk cultural activities, mainly focused on during the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, held each year with the first light “day” and “very illuminating of guilin” reputation, is China’s only a collection of lantern show, Lantern Festival and the lantern fair as one of the large-scale comprehensive Lantern Festival, is also China’s longest, participate in the largest number, the largest folk Lantern Festival.


Time: Spring Festival, Lantern Festival


Location: Qinhuai District, Nanjing



Xuzhou: Mazhuang Lantern Custom


In order to enrich people’s cultural life, carry forward national traditional festivals, add folk festival atmosphere, and show the spirit of Mazhuang, lantern custom activities are held in Shennong Square to show and compete the finished products such as surface lamp production, surface art, lantern folk craft, various local specialties and so on.


Time: Lantern Festival


Venue: Shennong Square, Mazhuang



Yancheng: Beating Spring Ox


“Beating Spring Ox” is also called “whipping Spring Ox”. The ancients to have winter unearthed cattle to send cold custom, but also pray for rice grain harvest. The lively performance of “beating spring ox” farming folk custom can let the masses appreciate the farming custom of the beginning of spring that has been passed down for thousands of years in the local villages of Funing, and feel the strong flavor of the New Year.


Date: February 3rd


Venue: Miaowan Ancient Town, Funing County



Nantong: Hai ‘an Flower Drum


Haian flower drum is the intangible cultural heritage of traditional dance in Jiangsu Province. During the Lantern Festival, we will carry out the Lantern Festival activity on the 15th day of the first lunar month and hold a special intangible cultural heritage exhibition project display and performance with the theme of “Dragon Dance World Lifts to Peace”.


Time: the evening of the Lantern Festival


Venue: Hai ‘an Culture and Art Center Square



In Jiangsu Province of China, people from all over the country celebrate the Spring Festival in their own unique ways. These special activities not only reflect the traditional Chinese culture, but also reflect the unique style of Jiangsu. In addition, these special activities have been selected as part of the intangible cultural heritage. If you have the chance, please come to Jiangsu and experience it for yourself!