The 11th Nanjing (forest) tourism and mountaineering Festival and the 22nd "autumn Qixia" Red Leaf Art Festival opened!


In October, Qixia mountain in Nanjing will usher in the most famous festival of the year.
On October 10, 2020, the 11th Nanjing (forest) tourism and mountaineering Festival and the 22nd "autumn Qixia" Red Leaf Art Festival opened in the beautiful Qixia mountain. The event will end on December 20.
Since 2001, the "autumn Qixia" Red Leaf Art Festival has been the 20th, becoming a tourism brand in Jiangsu Province and the whole country. This year, "autumn Qixia" will use red leaves and nostalgia to show the rapid changes of Qixia mountain in the past 20 years with the theme of "Qixia Wonderland and Chinese Maple feelings". Emphasize the concept of "20th anniversary", which is in its prime and full of talent, arouse tourists' memory of Qixia mountain, cross time and space, meet themselves in the past, and make the red leaf Festival become the memory carrier and emotional connection of urban life. At the same time, through various activities, Qixia's landscape, humanity and wisdom are more reflected.
After 72 days, there will be about 20 online and offline activities in the tourist area.
"Autumn Qixia" series activities will be divided into three parts: "collecting old photos", "that year, we climbed Qixia mountain..." "and" twenty years, love for red leaves ", showing the changes from multiple angles to twenty years.
The parent-child theme activity of "Qixia 20th anniversary, still fresh in my memory" found small changes in Qixia mountain from subtle places. "Little pharmacist" and "novel wise man" and other visiting activities are based on the herbal medicine, history, culture and geological culture of Qixia mountain to arouse children's interest in herbal medicine and geology. Understand the importance of environmental protection. In the science popularization area, "Xiangyue Qixia" can smell the different fragrance of Qixia mountain.
With outstanding figures, Qixia mountain has become famous. Through the two activities of "intangible cultural heritage" and "impression of Jinling", visitors can feel the charm of Nanjing. There is also a vibrant mountaineering conference and "trail running".
In addition, the popular "red leaf at night" in recent years will also appear in this red leaf Art Festival. You can't miss the concert.
This year, there are many activities at the entrance and exit on the south side of the tourist area. "Symbiosis of all things, mountain photography and music market" integrates the fashion and domestic trend of Chinese traditional elements. There are also cultural and creative industries, handmade products, intangible cultural heritage, commodities in the entertainment industry and brand food. The singer combines tradition and modernity to bring wonderful performances to tourists.
"A hundred cars and a thousand people traveling in Qixia" records the precious cultural heritage and unique beauty of the Red Leaf Art Festival in Qixia mountain in a new way. Using online video and the "listening" field of Himalayan app, dynamically expand the overall picture and cultural connotation of Qixia mountain, and cooperate online and offline. Encounter continuous surprises. (if it rains, the event will be postponed).
"Autumn Qixia", as one of the scenic spots in Nanjing, attracts the most attention every year. In recent years, Qixia mountain is committed to the landscape "Qixia red leaves". This spring, a variety of plants have been planted, mainly including maple ilubo and fengtaiwangfu.
This autumn, if there is enough rain and the temperature is appropriate, the red leaves of Qixia mountain will become colorful and beautiful.