The 23rd China Suzhou International Tourism Festival opens in 2020


Water shows, water parades composed of colorful boats, Dragon Boat tracking, etc... the rich ancient capital culture and various activities to convey Suzhou's unique lifestyle have attracted tourists. Suzhou, known as the "capital of waterfront art", is a large-scale festival with nostalgic romance and modern fashion taste.
From April to May every year, "Oriental water city" and China Suzhou International Tourism Festival are grandly held in Suzhou, the "capital of waterfront art".
"Oriental water city" - China Suzhou International Tourism Festival is a large-scale tourism activity well-known at home and abroad. With the theme of "Oriental water city" and based on Wu culture, water performances, water parades with bright boats, water performances full of ethnic customs, domestic and foreign water tourism related commodity exhibitions, Dragon Boat tracking, water sports, etc. have been held to show the world the long history and culture of Suzhou, the water city, and convey the charm of Suzhou, the ambition of Suzhou people and their enthusiasm for life.