Charm of Jiangsu’s Thirteen Cities Shu Xiaojian’s Photography Exhibition


“Every hometown deserves the love of its natives living away from home.”

Shu Xiaojian, born in the 1990s, is a photographer well known in the photography community for his photos of the eight sacred mountains in Tibet. Now he has used his camera to capture photographs of his hometown, Jiangsu.

How to display the glamour of Jiangsu? In terms of scenery, it has 25 5A tourist attractions. With a rich history, it has 13 National Famous Historical and Cultural Cities. Over a thousand years, it has always been a splendid and incomparable region in China. There’s a history behind everything here; every brick tells a story.

It’s challenging understand and take photographs of Jiangsu.

50,000 photos taken while he traveled 13 cities walking 4.5 million steps over 3 years...The figures behind this exhibition are more like the footprints that attract people from afar to embark on a spiritual journey to Jiangsu.

In his photographs you can see the beautiful scenery of Jiangsu: row upon row of towering buildings bustling with modern life, densely distributed streets showing the urban road network, the colorful cities in night lights, the cloudy and drizzly Jiangnan area resembling a painting, the long coastline outlining this enchanting land, the old temples in the sunset telling eternal legends of the past thousand years...The rivers, mountains, seas, dawns, dusks, winters and summers...The natural scenery fuses perfectly with the historical and cultural landscapes here; the ancient charm and modern life are combined in harmony.

Numerous touching moments across this land have been captured in these photographs, which also reflect the rhythms and heartbeats of our time, enabling people to feel the region’s poetic present and vigorous future.

Like Shu Xiaojian said, “What we own is not only an increasingly powerful country, but also her enchanting and splendid civilization.”

Jiangsu is just a beginning.

Chaotian Palace——Nanjing

Aerial View of Lianyungang City——Lianyungang

Wenchang Building——Yangzhou

Canglang Pavilion——Suzhou

By the Fengcheng River——Taizhou

Wetland Deer Herd——Yancheng

Dinghui Temple on Jiaoshan Hill——Zhenjiang

Cherry Blossom Season in Yuantouzhu——Wuxi

Yunlong Lake——Xuzhou

Hao River——Nantong

Natian Flower Field in Santaishan National Forest Park——Suqian

Huai'an Government Office——Huai'an

China Dinosaurs Park——Changzhou