Changzhou Jiezhou · Changshanxing House 常州芥舟·长山行舍

It is located in the southeast of Maolu Town, an important Tea Production Area of Maoshan. The owner of Jizhou is the young couple born after 1985. They transformed their tea factory into a guesthouse with an area of over 200 mu. What’s interesting is that it is the graduation design work of the male owner who was graduated from the Department of Architecture, which is suggestive of a house containing love affections.

Entering the guesthouse lobby, one can notice the Jie Zhou’s Network Reds Book Wall at the first sight. This book wall extends 8.5 m, and totals 280 m2, which has a collection of nearly 12,000 books. Some books here are selected from the Changzhou Banshan Bookstore, and some are personally selected by the guesthouse owner. The books can be borrowed and read for free, and one can also buy his/her favorite book.

The guesthouse has 28 rooms, including 15 rooms of different types, it seems that the rooms here are not sufficient. Although the rooms here are limited, 28 sets of bedrooms all have different styles and originality. Four Seasons Tower, named after the solar terms. There are the theme rooms like Courtyard Scenery Room, Lake View Room, Confidante Room and Star Room.

Jiezhou is not just an ordinary guesthouse, but the wonderful place where the mountain and wild delicacy really lie. Jiezhou adheres to the ever-lasting healthy concept of “creating the pure green organic food.” Gourmet, good wine, tea and a friend, Jiezhou is waiting for your coming!