Liyang Meijie Mountain Hotspring Resort

Meijie Mountain Hotspring Resort is in Liyang City, Jiangsu Province. It is actually located in national AAAAA Scenic Spot called Nanshan Zhuhai (sea of bamboo) and Longtan Forest. It covers an area of 2,500 mu with a forest coverage of well over 90%.

The four seasons are distinctive here: flowers in spring, a sea of greens in summer, tinted leaves in autumn and white world in winter. Here, you can find tree houses, wild hot springs, firefly night parks, mountain and field fusion cuisine, and  KOL-attracting popular sites, and so on.

On this vast mountain field of 2,500 mu, only 31 tree houses are built. There can be one to five rooms for each house and indoor hot spring of true underground water. On the 270° observation terrace, those enviable activities such as the full view, or enjoying birds’ singing and feeding squirrels, are all possible. At Meijie Yunding (literally meaning “top of cloud”) Space, 8 outdoor hot springs at 48℃ with water from 1,788 meters underground in different sizes can be found. The hot spring water include over 20 minerals and trace of radioactive elements including Si, K, Ca, Na, F, Cl and Br can be found. When you climb down the tree house or get yourself out of the hot spring, you can hike in the primitive forest for nature granted wonders. You can also have a tour in “Shenma Farmland”, relax and take a rest at the infinite swimming pool in the tea garden, which is also a popular place for many online KOLs, in a tea garden, or have the top cuisine while enjoying the natural beauty in Yunding Western Restaurant .

It’s high time that you come with us and enjoy the great leisure time in the mountains.