Liyang Let’s MildGO

Let’s MildGO Resort sits in the Shiwai Senquan Valley among the mountains of Tianmu Lake. It’s a land of forests specially for the visitors. Based on the geographical terrain, the afternoon tea terrace, the paulownia little theatre, the bamboo forest open-air restaurant, the squirrel lawn, and the two holiday villas in minimalist style are delicately designed. Also, you can have all kinds of parties here, or organize a wedding, host a private cock tail party, hold a conference, have team-building activities, or spend holiday with your children here…Let’s MildGO to enjoy the great leisure time.

We can offer:

  • 9 cozy guestrooms, which can be king bedroom or double bedroom as you desire; with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows, the forest extends within your sight like a breath-taking oil painting, and the only thing you can hear is the tweets of the birds, the sound of the wind, and the greetings from your beloved friends of this journey.
  • An open self-service kitchen, where you can feel the fun of cooking in the forest by yourself.
  • Switch Party & Game Zone and Fun Space for Children, which can serve the needs for parties and gatherings of different purposes.
  • Starsky Pool, where you can enjoy the peaceful and tranquil moments with your loved ones and do whatever you want.
  • 270-degree Forest View Living Room of Building No. 1, where you can have pillow talks with your friends, watch movies, or gather with a bunch of them to play Sanguosha (boardgame Three Kingdoms Kill) all the time.

• Forest View Terrace of Building No. 2, where you can have a romantic candlelight dinner with your lovers, watch an outdoor movie with your friends in the lounge chairs, or have BBQ with a bunch of friends on the terrace.