Jintan Jiezhou Changshan Hotel

Changzhou Jintan Jiezhou Hotel Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Yutingchun Tea Industry Co., Ltd. Back in 2013, Yutingchun decided to combine tea industry and rural tourism and culture, thus upgraded the form of tea garden into the tea manor. An artistic hotel equipped with both modern hospitality facilities and service and tea ceremony experience has been constructed. The total investment stood at approximately 53 million RMB. The hotel covers an area of 190 mu. The sizes of the tea garden and the bamboo forest are respectively over 400 mu and 25 mu.

Jiezhou·Changshan Reclusive Hotel: This is a homestay by designers. Its name is from the sentence “Upset a cupful into a hole in the yard, and a mustard-seed will be your boat” as in the Chapter of The Carefree Excursion written by Chuang Tzu/Zhuang Zi. The hotel situates in Changshan Group, Maolu, Xuebu Town, Jintan District, Changzhou City. The homestay includes two main buildings and 28 houses of highly diversified styles: The Memoir Building includes mainly spring layer structure and residences with great landscape; The Seasons House have rooms that are named after traditional Chinese solar terms. There are also houses with courtyards, with lake views, with family suites, and those for besties and for couples. Starry night houses are available too.

Jiezhou Mountain Study: This is a cooperated project with Changzhou Banshan Books and 12,000 collect books are available to the guests for free reading.

Jiezhou Hanshe Cafeteria: there are eight private rooms in the cafeteria and 150 guests can be treated here. New concepts are used for producing dishes here: delicate Maoshan Tujia Cuisine, a special menu with tea as its theme, soup tureens from Taoism traditions for health preservation, etc. Specialties include Six Tastes Herbal Tea, Mandarin Fish with Aroma of Tea, and Jiezhou Sheep.

Special activities in Jiezhou Hotel:

  1. Yutingchun Tea Making Workshop: tea plucking experience, visit of tea making, manual tea stir-drying, Jintan Tea-tasting, etc., are provided.
  2. Bamboo Room: Aperiodic parent-child tea art experience course, tea-tasting experience courses, Chinese flower arranging courses, guqin (traditional Chinese musical instrument) teaching services are provided here from time to time, with traditional culture as the focus, obviously.
  3. For outdoor zone, in addition to general tea plucking activity, another 20-mu lawn is set for bonfire and camping, team building activities, vegetable planting, fishing and other rustic taste activities. And tea conferences, wine conferences and lawn wedding are also undertaken.

Benefits for checking in Jiezhou Hotel: Wi-Fi service for the whole hotel, five-star beddings, a library of 12,000 books for free reading, tea room, free children tents, free drawing service, tea art experience courses (for kids above 6 years old), spring tea plucking experience and visit of manual tea making, jumping pits for kids, private butler service, etc.

Address: No. 68, Quanjiang Village, Maolu, Xuebu Town, Jintan District, Changhzou City, Jiangsu Province

Booking: 18921007799/0519-8289999