Yancheng Tourism Direct Train – Yandu District Line 盐城旅游直通车—盐都线

In order to develop the tourism resources in Yancheng City, boost the economic prosperity of local area and enrich the amateur life of the public. On Sept. 19, 2020, the Yancheng Public Transport Company opened a tourist direct train – the Yandu Line. People can escape from the city on the weekend to experience the autumnal scenery in countryside and take a short trip in the city!

Scenic sites: Dayang Bay, Yancheng High-speed Railway Station, Damagou Park, Yangshi Ecological Park, Large Vertical Lake Dongjin Water City. In Damagou Park, it has Wetland Tour, Amorous Flower Forest, farmland Experience, Fruits Picking, Lotus Pond Moonlight, Local Culture, Climbing & Sightseeing and other areas. It integrates the functions like ecology, leisure, science popularization, sightseeing. Damagou Park is a resort for citizens to appreciate the natural landscape. Yangshi Agricultural Eco Park is a civic culture tourism project that focuses on industries concerning culture, leisure, entertainment and experience of farmhouse music. The Dongjin Water City, based on the imitated Southern Song Dynasty architecture with white walls and black tiles, integrates with the Lixia River style and the Hudang wetland landscape.

This line is a one-ticket system with no ticket sales, and the fare is RMB 5.