Huaiju Town in Yancheng

Huaiju Town in Jiulongkou, Jianhu is located in Shazhuang, an ancient village with view of Hudang Wetland and strong cultural and historical atmosphere. Here, ponds are interconnected. It is surrounded by water on three sides, with deep courtyards and charming scenery. Rows of ancient courtyards are hidden among ponds, presenting a lakeside atmosphere of Hudang Wetland.

Shazhuang Ancient Village, built in Ming Dynasty, is the birthplace of Huai Opera. Wandering in the town, you may suddenly feel like traveling back to the ancient times surrounded by the quiet and classical traditional Chinese styles. It is rich in elements of Huai Opera here. Every morning, afternoon and evening, there are Huai Opera performances in Shazhuang Theatre. You can listen to the original Huai Opera up close and feel the artistic charm of Huai Opera immersively. In Huaihuang Peizi Clothing Store, you can rent all kinds of costumes and Han-style clothing to experience the chic and wild life of swordsman. Lovely mascots of Huai Opera can be seen everywhere along the stone road, in front of shops and in museums, which are very distinctive. Welcome to Huaiju Town. Here you can enjoy Huai Opera and artistic life in the quiet and elegant environment.