Yancheng Red-Crowned Crane Wetlands Ecological Tourism Zone 盐城丹顶鹤湿地生态旅游区

Yancheng Red-crowned Crane Wetland Ecological Tourist Zone is a national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot.Red-crowned crane wetland ecological tourism area, east of the Yellow Sea, West Huaiyang, with the Pacific West Coast’s largest tideland wetlands, this vast expanse of land, breeds an extremely rich biodiversity. Where the red blood, reed green jade; here bridge water, fish shrimp play; where mandarin ducks on the dance, swan contend; here crane migratory, million birds Xiangji; exposure to them, like a fairyland.

Protected areas mainly protect red-crowned cranes and other rare wild animals and the survival of the beach wetland ecosystem. The reserve is one of the areas with rich biological diversity. There are 450 species of plants, 402 species of birds, 26 species of amphibians and reptiles, 284 species of fish and 31 species of mammals. One national key protected wild animals are red-crowned crane, white-headed crane, white crane, white stork, black stork, Chinese Qiasha, relict gull, Great Bustard, white shoulder carving, golden eagle, white eagle, elk, Chinese sturgeon , A total of 14 kinds of white sturgeon, two state-level protection of wild animals 85 species, such as deer, black-faced spoonbill, swan, small green stilt, mandarin ducks, cranes and so on. Protected area is to save some of the most critical areas of endangered species, such as red-crowned crane, black-headed gull, deer, Aurora, and so on. More than a thousand black-headed gulls breeding in the region; nearly a thousand deer living in protected areas tidal. Yancheng is also an important link between birds in different biological areas, is an important stopover of migratory birds in Northeast Asia and Australia, is also an important wintering ground for waterfowl. Spring and Autumn each year, more than 300 million migratory shorebirds through Yancheng, nearly a million waterfowl in the protected areas overwinter. The reserve is also one of the few high-endangered species in the country to identify 29 species listed in the World Conservation Union’s Endangered Species Red Book. Therefore, Yancheng protected area plays an important role in international biodiversity conservation.

Red Crowned Crane is a key protected animal at the national level. Every year, about 1000 red crowned cranes choose to live in Yancheng Nature Reserve, which is the world’s largest wintering place for red crowned cranes. The abundant food and the safe and secluded habitat have become the terminal for the Red Crowned Crane to survive the winter. They will stay from November to march of the following year. Throughout the winter, they call friends and fly freely here. The largest cluster can reach 500, which has become a unique landscape of the reserve in winter.

Birdwatching promenade

Birdwatching in the forest, for bird lovers and photography enthusiasts to provide closer, better viewing window, through the gallery on a small window, you can more clearly see the opposite of the willow forest and forest In a large number of egrets.

Adult fare: 45 yuan

Opening hours: 08: 30-17: 00 throughout the year

Attraction Address: Turning Danhe Line to Provincial Highway 331 in Tinghu District, Yancheng City

Scenic Contact: 0515-82642605