A Tour of Jianggang Town, a Rustic Fishing Port in Dongtai County, Yancheng

Located at the seaside of the Yellow Sea, Jianggang Town is a renowned fish town across the nation. Local productions include fishes, shrimps, crabs, and seashells. It is also home to a famous type of clam called Wen Ge, which is considered the best of its kind in China. Badou Village in the town is the top fish village in Jiangsu Province and its age is well over two hundred years.If you wander around in the village, the feeling of the sea be with you no matter where you go. Red sailboats, greenbelts, terrace houses and meandering travel roads that goes beyond the horizon, as well walls with hand painted images of sharks, seashells, starfishes together bring people the feel of long-lost freshness and tranquility.The unsophisticated costal life of fisherfolk can be fully experienced here. Specifically, you can tramp on the beach and collect clams as being interrupted from time to time by sea waves, enjoy the breezes from the sea and feast yourself with delicious seafood in Jianggang Town. I bet your taste buds will have an in-depth understanding of the sea and its charm then.