Water Town from Eastern Jin Dynasty

When it was the time of North Song Dynasty, there was a small town called Dongjin (Eastern Jin) Town. It had been prosperous until the roaring Yangtze River abruptly changed its path into the end of Huai River in South Song Dynasty. The old-time town was flooded and forced into a long coma. One thousand years later, with hydraulic engineering and water conservation function of Dazong Lake, the ancient town got resurrected based on true history and culture. The town with a soul of water got roused and revived.

The water town has its layout as per the style from constructions in South Song Dynasty in history. Commercial elements are availed to bring about its vitality. Three streets, five zones, seven rivers, nine islands and twenty-four bridges have helped depict a scrolling painting with boats floating on the river and people relaxing on the islands.