Dayangwan: Spring Romance with Cherry Blossoms

From March 19th to May 5th, the 2022 International Cherry Blossom Month and the 8th Dayangwan Cherry Blossom Festival will bring romance to spring. Eight special features will allow you to be submerged in the Sakura theme, where you can appreciate cherry blossoms at night, participate in workshops, enjoy live performances, and have fun in the amusement park.

Cherry Blossom & Artistic Performance

The long-awaited large-scale immersive drama from the Republic of China, namely “the Stories of Yandu”, will be fully on show, allowing you to see the other face of Yandu and have a modern and retro gaming experience. The stage performance contains the rhyme of the Han Dynasty, the style of the Tang Dynasty, and a touch of magic and fantasy of Tangduli, which is spectacular.

Cherry Blossom & Cuisine

In the rain of cherry blossom petals carried around in the spring breeze, it is such a leisure experience to enjoy a high-quality afternoon tea under the cherry trees. Whether in the Hengsheng Restaurant or the Boat Cafe, a premium cherry blossom afternoon tea will present you with a spectacular experience in the Sakura-themed restaurant, making your day in the lovely season. Besides, in the Dengying Teahouse, visitors can enjoy the special tea drinks made with cherry blossoms, allowing the pink color to tickle your taste buds and accelerate your heartbeats.

Cherry Blossom & Hanfu

When the cherry blossoms are blooming, you can appreciate the garden for free dressed up in Hanfu. Put your hair up in a bun and stand under the cherry tree with a smile on your face. What a glamorous lady walking out of the picture! Here, you can pick up the traditional beauty of the Han Dynasty and inherit the elegant charm from thousands of years of culture.


Cherry Blossom & Market

The pink, dreamy cherry blossom market will be held on the lawn of the cherry blossom garden. The creative stalls cover the Sakura culture, the creative culture, and the local ancient culture. In addition to taking pictures and posting on social media, you can pick up different cultural and creative products, including the exquisite ice cream of a limited edition made with cherry blossoms.

Besides, there are also other combinations, including Cherry Blossoms & Workshops, Cherry Blossoms & Music, and Cherry Blossoms & Hotel, which bring more incredible experiences of the spring season. The blooming of cherry blossoms spells the end of cold winter and the coming of warmth. Come to enjoy a trip to Dayangwan, a wonderland in spring.

Source: Dayangwan of Yancheng