Go to PATIA vine yard to taste the sweet grapes PATIA vine yard is located in Shilianghe Town

Donghai County where it is known as “Turpan” and the crystal capital of the world. It is a modern agricultural base which takes grapes as its theme and integrates modern agriculture, deep processing of agricultural products, modern science popularization and demonstration, leisure, sightseeing and tourism. You can pick grapes, sit down to enjoy the scenery and nature, and cultivate your temperament. In the tourist restaurant, the catering culture of grapes is rich and colorful. In the children’s amusement park, all kinds of grape toys are fun and lovely. Along the love corridor in the vineyard, grapes are intertwined to tie the affection. PATIA vine yard is an industrial park for efficient upgrading of agriculture, and it is also a sightseeing park which attracts many tourists at home and abroad and entertains more than 100,000 tourists all over the world every year.