Dongtai Fish Soup Noodle 东台鱼汤面

The fish soup noodle in Dongtai, Jiangsu has a history of almost 200 years and is said to be cooked by an imperial cuisine chef expelled from the imperial palace.

The noodle soup is milky white, refreshing but not oily; the noodle is fine and soft, and the taste is particular fresh and delicious. Dongtai fish soup noodle is not only delicious but also has better health reservation effect.

For the soup base of Dongtai fish soup noodle, the raw materials including wild crucian, eel bone and pork bone etc. are selected, and it is featured as high protein, low fat, rich active calcium and various amino acid.

After eating the noodle, you will not get much inner heat, not feel thirsty ; instead, it has rich nutrition and meets modern people’s pursuit for dietary health reservation. In the folk it is said that “you will get superior to the god of longevity by eating a bowl of the fish soup noodle”.

Local people often say that “only by eating one bowl of the noodle, you’ll remember it as long as three years.”


Yingchun Restaurant: 98, Beiguan Road, Dongtai City