Dongtai Watermelon 东台西瓜

Summer is approaching and Jiangsu people like to have watermelon to reduce heat and quench thirst. With regard to the watermelon in Jiangsu, we have to mention the watermelon at Dongtai, Yancheng.

Dongtai watermelon has formed its own flavor characteristics as a result of the local particular geographical location, advantageous soil conditions, excellent sprout base and rich planting experience, and is becoming popular among more and more consumers. In 2008, Dongtai passed the review organized by China Horticulture Society Watermelon Professional Commission and became the first “Watermelon Town of China” nationwide.

According to historical record, in the Northern Song Dynasty, there was watermelon fair near Bazi Bridge in the town when Fan Zhongyan acted as a salt official in Xixi; as Dongtai watermelon was very sweet, the surrounding people came to Dongtai and purchased watermelon one after another and then distributed to other places. Fan Zhongyan was a very famous dutiful son, his mother loved watermelon, so he himself gave the watermelon of thin peel and crispy pulp to his mother. Dongtai watermelon has acquired the pollution-free certification and the national green food mark, as well as the titles including Chinese geographical indication trademark, China famous brand agriculture product etc.

Most of “Dongtai watermelon” supplied in the market is small watermelon, generally each weighs about 1.5~2.0KG, there are two types as the crystal yellow pulp and bright red pulp watermelon, the seeds are extra small, and the peel is light green with stripes

Dongtai watermelon is divided into the yellow pulp watermelon “Texiaofeng(extra small phoenix)” which has fine flavor and much juice and is a good choice to reduce heat and relieve thirst, and the red pulp watermelon “Zaochun Hongyu(early spring red jade)” which has high sugar, little fiber and is popular among people owing to its sweet taste,rich juice and nutrition. A part of the watermelon will crack rapidly upon being touched by a knife and is famous in the market as “Dongtai cracking melon” owing to the thin peel, tender pulp and rich juice.