Dongtai Chenpi Wine 东台陈皮酒

It is a famous local traditional wine in Dongtai, Jiangsu Province, which was first brewed in the period of QianLong Dynasty. This wine is made of first-class white glutinous rice based on traditional technology, with precious Chinese medicine and rich nutrition.It enjoyed the reputation of “thick and mellow, special fragrance, sweet taste, and carefree aftertaste.”

The Dongtai Chenpi Wine has been famous from a long time ago, and from the craftsmanship of the brewers. They adopted the high-quality hemp glutinous rice in the Dixi region, the river water, sky water and well water from Lixiahe, supplemented by over 10 different traditional Chinese medicines like tangerine peel, angelica, astragalus, and dangshen. The 14 processes such as the lin-fan method, dipping, rice steaming, rice down pouring and force mixing are carefully brewed, which is a special skill in Dongtai.

Dongtai Chenpi Wine, orange-yellow, soft and sweet, with unique fragrance. Such wine is reputed as “liquid cake”, and has the efficiency of benefiting qi and nourishing blood, nourishing liver and kidney, dispelling wind and cold, relaxing muscles and collaterals, regulating qi and appetizing, strengthening muscles and muscles.

In 2009, Dongtai Chenpi Wine was enrolled in the Protection List of “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Jiangsu Province;” It was called as “Famous Wine in Chinese History and Culture.”