Dongtai Watermelon

There is no better in the summer than the crisp sound when you break open the watermelon. If you come to Dongtai in summer, it will definitely be an enjoyment for your mouth and stomach. Sancang Town in Dongtai is the “Hometown of Watermelons”. The watermelons here are crisp and juicy, and they are famous far and wide. You can eat as much as you like! The special flavor of Dongtai watermelon is due to the unique sandy loam soil in Dongtai. The loose soil structure and plenty of rain and sunshine help accumulate watermelon sugar and form a special taste. Since ancient times, Dongtai has always been a treasured land for watermelon growth, and now it has over 800 years of watermelon cultivation history. Among many varieties of watermelon, Dongtai’s Te Xiao Feng and 8424 Bomb Melon are the best. As for Te Xiao Feng, its rind is crisp, its pulp is so tender that it melts in the mouth. Whereas 8424 Bomb Melon has a “bold” character. When you use the knife to cut the rind of the melon, it bursts instantly, and the fragrance will overflow in the air, plus it is very tasty.