Qianlong Gong Su (a snack once dedicated to the Emperor)

Qianlong Gong Su is a special food in Suqian, Jiangsu.

This snack is known for four characteristics: fragrant, crunchy, crisp, and dainty. The fragrance is from the Su cake, the oil and sesame combined. But note that the fragrance of a sesame is not from its bitter and puckery husk, but rather, the kernel. Only quality kernels are used by the Ye Family who make this food. A crunchy Su would break upon its touching of lips. Therefore, we must handle the snacks gently. The crunchy status can remain for around 3-5 days in summer. If well preserved in plastic containers, the crunchy outside can last for over 2-3 months. When we talk about being crispy, we are thinking about the entire homogeneous feeling of tenderness. Its dainty comes from its delicate outside. A newly baked Su shines with white and golden luster and has crystal sesame kernels inlayed. This masterpiece is so tempting. And yet, people may think about holding their bite, as they do not want to destroy this work of beauty that quickly.