Chinese Sea Salt Museum 中国海盐博物馆

As the China’s unique large-scale Thematic Museum that reflects the long standing civilization history of China Haiyan, the Chinese Sea Salt Museum is situated in the No. 1, Kaifang Avenue, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, with the construction area of 18,000 m2.The sculpture style buildings with the modeling of a salt crystal, thus displaying the ancestors’ civilized history of “To Boil Sea-water for Salt”.

Chinese Sea Salt Museum systematically reflects the development history of China’s sea salt, unveils the research achievements of sea salt culture, and displays the collections of cultural relics and data of China’s sea salt history. Based on adopting the presentation approaches concerning wax statue, sculpture, and sand table. The museum exhibits the sea salt productions like ” Refining Brine and Frying Salt,” “Baying Salt”, as well as the multiple cultural and living scenes of salt-making personnel.

The museum falls into the Main Building, Sea Salt Culture Square and Sea Salt Industry Area, a total of one building with three floors above the ground.The dimension of the Sea Salt Museum being created by the combination and overlay of crystals, and it integrates with the descending groundwork at all levels, as if the sea salt’s crystals being randomly scattered on the tidal flat around the bank of Chuanchang River.

Up till now, Yancheng has a history of salt production for more than 2100 years, which is the origin of age-old salt culture under the lower reaches of Huaihe River and the Huanghai’s Beach.Through the ages, Sea Salt Culture has always been the main body, essence of Yancheng culture, and is regarded as the cultural root of Yancheng.