Tianmu Lake Yushui Hot spring Resort 溧阳天目湖御水温泉度假酒店

Liyang Tianmu Lake Yushui Hot spring Resort is located in Lijiayuan Village, at the foot of Nanshan Bamboo Sea, surrounded by three 5A-level scenic spots of Tianmu Lake Landscape Park, Nanshan Bamboo Sea and Yushui Hot Spring.It is a scenic 5A hot spring in the Yangtze River Delta.

Exquisite standard rooms, romantic and comfortable double rooms and luxurious suites have their own characteristics, taking into account the needs of vacation and conference affairs. 24-hour room butler service, always waiting for your arrangement.

The banquet hall, cafeteria and bar are all available; the chefs create perfect local specialties and Shanghai local dishes for you; the national banquet masters provide you with thousands of exquisite dishes with three signature dishes to meet different needs.

All kinds of high-end conference halls, with advanced audio-visual demonstration system and intelligent lighting control equipment, are ideal for organizing various activities and conferences. Perfect meeting experience and thousands of international operation experience, sharing the joy of success in strategizing.

The hotel has a variety of recreational facilities. Apart from enjoying the scenery, you can get together with friends and have fun.

Hotel policy:

check-in and check-out

Check-in time: after 2 PM

Check out time: before 12:00

Hotel Address: No. 888, lijiayuan village, Liyang

Phone: 0519-87938888