Meet in Tianxianyuan • Houhai Bar Street and have a drink

Dusk falls, the moon rises. Light and shadow overlap under the lamps at night. Tianxianyuan Scenic Area at Dongtai Xixi, Yancheng is brighter than the daytime. Houhai Bar Street at night has become a gathering place for the trendy youth.

Tianxianyuan · Houhai Bar Street is another featured street in Xixi Scenic Area after Caoshi Street and Hanchao Street. It reserves the original characteristics of the city in the Song Dynasty and is added with trendy stores such as bars, hot pot, fast food, barbecue, Japanese food and tea. Here, wine, meat and songs, trend-setting pubs and cool neon lights are up for your enjoyment and excited mood. Listening to the folk music with stories, you can talk about the past and the present over the wine, leaving behind all the tiredness and troubles when slightly tipsy. Various themed art parties make the summer night in Dongtai more exciting.

After the excitement, Limu Street Homestay is a good place to enjoy tranquility and dive yourself in culture. Not long ago, it was appraised as “an internet celebrity homestay”. Here, you can stay away from the noise of city and quietly enjoy the scenery of the ancient town.