Sitting at the intersection of the Yangtze River and Grand Canal, Zhenjiang is often dubbed as the “overpass” of the river and canal.

Xijing Ferry, which is the northwest of Zhenjiang and built during the Three Kingdoms period, was once an important canal transportation hub. As the shores gradually move northwards, the ferry has become a thing of the past, leaving behind only meandering alleys that are made of stones.



Zhenjiang has a subtropical monsoon climate and four well distinct seasons, quite similar to those of Suzhou and Nanjing. Rainy days are frequent throughout the year. There the summer is hot and the winter is chilly and humid. The annual average temperature is 15.6℃, the precipitation is 1088.2mm.


Best Tourist Season

In summer, Zhenjiang is very hot. So if you choose to travel in Zhenjiang in summer, the risks of discomfort and sunstroke exist. In winter, Zhenjiang is very cold with wind piercingly cold. As in summer, it may make you uncomfortable, so it is not suitable for travel.

Spring and autumn are the best seasons for travelling in Zhenjiang. During this period, tempeature is moderate. Another is that flowers, melons, fruits and aquatic products can bring enjoyment to sight and smell of tourists.


Many festivals are held in Zhenjiang in a year. Between March and April, Maoshan Mountain Temple Fair in Jurong City is held, and cherry blossoms bloom. Before and after Mid-autumn Festival, Sweet Osmanthus Festival in Jiaoshan Park and Zhenjiang Autumn Food Festival are held successively, adding thick festival atmosphere to Zhenjiang.




Hangzhou – Beijing railway through Zhenjiang, take the train to Zhenjiang tourism can get off at the ZhenJiang Railway Station.


The main national highway(G055) in Zhenjiang is 71.27 km long, ranking first in the six large and medium-sized cities and making up one third of the highway in Jiangsu Province.The shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Beijing-Hangzhou Railway and Shanghai-Nanjing Second-class Highway run through the city;and the Runyang Yangtze River Bridge provides convenience to tourists.


Recommended Tourist Itineraries

One-day Leisure Tour

Go to Zhenjiang to visit Jinshan Temple. Take lunch at the famous Yanchun restaurant to enjoy local dishes such as Chinkiang pork and pot noodles, then visit the cultural block at Xijin Ferry.


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