Wuxi is located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Plain. Serving as the traffic hub of the river valley of Taihu Lake, the Beijing – Hangzhou Grand Canal flows through this area. Wuxi has been termed as the famous land of plenty since ancient times as it has always been one of the major fish and rice markets as well as being famous for having a clothing wharf, a money wharf, pottery wharf and being known as a city of silk. With its long history and natural beauty, it has often been described as “The pearl of Lake Tai Hu” The poet Guo Moruo mentioned the place in his poetry , with the famous phrase “the most exquisite of Taihu scenery can be found in the Turtle Head Isle”.



Wuxi lies in the northern subtropical humid zone and has a subtropical monsoon-influenced climate, which features four distinct seasons, a moderate climate, sufficient rain and sunshine, as well as a long frost-free period. The average temperature is 2.8℃ or so in January and 29℃in July. The annual frost-free period is about 220 days. The annual average precipitation of downtown Wuxi is 1,048 mm. There is a long rainy season, mainly concentrated in summer. Wuxi has a humid climate as the annual precipitation is more than the evaporation.


Best Tourist Season

Wuxi is actually suitable for travel to in any season, however the golden season for travel is between April and October. In spring the weather is changeable, but plum blossoms, azalea, cherry blossoms, peach blossoms and magnolia flowers bloom successively so Wuxi is covered in blooms.


In Autumn the weather is warm and pleasant, you can enjoy the fresh fish and seafood from the lake as well as the famous best juicy peaches of Wuxi.


Transport links:


Sunan Shuofang International Airport: The airport is located in Shuofang Street in the Hi-tech Zone of Wuxi, 16 km from downtown Wuxi, a 30-minute drive.


Wuxi has four railway stations, one of which is Wuxi Railway Station lying in the downtown center, with common trains and high-speed rails passing by, while the others are all high-speed rail stations.


Recommended Tourist Itineraries:

Three-day Leisure Eco-Tour around Taihu Lake

Day1: Taihu Lake Guangfu Scenic Zone, Xiangxuehai, Prime Minister Temple, Taihu Lake Boat Food Street and Happy Farm at Yaoshang Village

Day2: Yuantouzhu by Taihu Lake, Sanshan Immortal Islet, Liyuan Garden, Xi Shi Village, Changguangxi Wetland Park and Baojie Landscape Park

Day3: The Xue’s Garden, Jichang Garden(“Two Springs Reflecting the Moon”), Hongshan Ecopark

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