Plan your tour with Top China Travel and rest assured you won’t miss any of our top attractions as well as the special scenic spots in Suzhou. As the famous Chinese saying goes“In heaven there is paradise and on earth Suzhou” which describes exactly why Suzhou , with its stunning scenery, is known as heaven on earth. The Elegant Suzhou gardens are imbued with the regal atmosphere of their past whilst the water towns in and around Suzhou bring a mystery to the place. Many describe touring these areas as like walking into a Chinese painting. We can guarantee that you will find spending a leisurely break in Suzhou full of charm and charisma .



Suzhou lies in the temperate zone and has a moderate northern subtropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. The city has sufficient rainfall and the average precipitation is 1,100 mm. The average temperature of Suzhou is 15.7℃.


Best Tourist Season:

Suzhou is beautiful all the year round but perhaps the most stunning of seasons here is springtime.


Starting from late January and early February, Suzhou’s flowers begin to blossom and this continues right up to June. If you adore flowers, then check out a host of flower festivals starting from February with the Xishan Plum Blossom Festival. Following on from this in succession are the Huqiu Flower Show, Yushan Mountain Flower Show, Zhuozheng Garden Azalea Show, The Tulip Exhibition, Changshu Shanghu Lake Peony Show and Kunshan Viburnum Festival, all in Suzhou.


In the Autumn Suzhou has a different allure. Mouthwatering fresh fruits and aquatic products are sold whilst Suzhou beer, Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs and fragrant Osmanthus temp the palate. When the old year is ending and the new year begins, the bell in Hanshan Temple is rung and has become a place of pilgrimage to see the new year in for both domestic and overseas tourists.


Recommended Tourist Itineraries:

2-day Tour to the “ Land of Water” in Jiangsu

Day1: Suzhou Museum and Shantang Street

Day2: Suzhou: Hanshan Temple, Tiger Hill, Huanxiu Mountain Villa,Souzhou Slik Museum and Guanqian Street


Transport links:


There are five railway station sin Suzhou : Suzhou station, North Station Suzhou, Suzhou Industrial Park Station, Suzhou New District station, and Wei Ting station. In addition, nearby there is also Kunshan station, Kunshan South Railway Station Station, Yangcheng Lake.

Suzhou station, located on the northern shore of the old city is a first class Station under the jurisdiction of the Shanghai Railway Bureau.


There are 5 long-distance bus stations in Suzhou City: Suzhou North Square bus terminal, Suzhou North Bus Station, Suzhou South Bus Station, Suzhou West Bus Station, and Wuzhong District Bus Station

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