Bordering Xuzhou, Suqian is one of the youngest prefecture-level cities in Jiangsu Province, but its history is not short. Being one of the world’s biological evolution centers and cenrters of human origin, it is dubbed as the “holy land of life”. Suqian is also called “the city of liquor” for its famous brands of spirits.


Suqian is the hometown of Xiang Yu, a prominent marshal during the late Qin Dynasty. Other attractions include Longwang Temple Temporary Palace, where the Qing Emperor Qianlong resided during his visits to regions south of the Yangtze River. Qianlong hailed the city as “second to none”.





It is very convenient to get to Suqian by plane. From the Western Xuzhou Guanyin Airport 60 km, the back of Lianyungang Port Baita airport 200 km. South of Nanjing Lukou Airport 260km.


Xu Su Huai salt intercity railway is Jiangsu Province to intercity railway, the starting point of Xuzhou, the end of Yancheng via Suining, Suqian, Siyang, Huai’an, Jianhu. Connected with the Beijing Shanghai railway, the Longhai Railway and the Beijing Shanghai high speed railway, even Huaiyang Town Railway will and Xu Su Huai salt railway seamless, with the important function of the auxiliary channel of Beijing Shanghai high speed railway.

Yancheng, Huaian, the train can go through this line from Xuzhou, the fastest only 4 hours to arrive in Beijing.


There are excellent links to all over the country including

Beijing – Shanghai, Nanjing-Suqian, Suqian – Xuzhou , Suqian-Xinyi, Suqian – Pizhou and Suqian Shuyang in operation.


Recommended Tourist Itineraries

Two-day Tour of Han Culture in Suqian

Day1: Go to Suqian to visit the palace of Emperor Qianlong and the hometown of Xiang Yu, a prominent marshai during the late Qin Dynasty.

Day2: Go to Sihong to visit the Hongze Lake Wetland Park.

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