To the south of Suqian lies another historical city-Huai’an. Together with Yangzhou, Suzhou and Hangzhou, the four cities are called the “four metropolis” along the Grand Canal. The government house of the Canal transportation in ancient times is one of the most important heritages in the canal management system.

Noted tourist sites include Huai’an Government Agency and China Water Transport Museum. The city is also home to former Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai, and tourist can visit his residence and Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall.




Huai’an Lianshui airport for a class of open air ports, access to the major cities of the country, and the opening of the Taipei direct, plan recently opened Korea, Thailand route.


Even Huaiyang Town Railway, Xu Suhuai railway two salt line has started construction, is expected in 2019 and put into operation. The planning of Ninghuai intercity railway, Lin Huai railway, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway line construction.


Huaian highway, railway, water connections. Shanghai, Ning Su Xu, Huai salt, Su Huai, Ning Huai, five highway intersection in the territory, the new long railway, Su Huai railway runs through the whole territory.


Recommended Tourist Itineraries:

One-day Ecological Tour

Go to Huai’an to visit Huai’an Government Agency, China Water Transport Museum, Wu chengen’s former residence and Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall.


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