Sitting south of the Yangtze River and beside Taihu Lake, Changzhou is located in the central area of the Yangtze River Delta. Changzhou, together with Suzhou and Wuxi, constitute the Suzhou-Wuxi-Changzhou Metropolitan Area. Changzhou is a famous cultural city with a history over 3,200 years which boasts many scenic spots and historical sites, such as Spring and Autumn Flooded City Ruins Park and the Tianmu Lake Resort. The modern China Dinosaur Park and the new amusement park called CC Joyland have added to the city’s appeal.



Changzhou belongs to the northern moderate subtropical oceanic climate zone, with sufficient rain and four distinct seasons. At the end of springtime and beginning of summer Changzhou often experiences torrential rain termed as “Plum rain “because it is associated with the green plum season. The summer is hot and rainy with the maximum temperature often reaching a scorching 36℃ and above, and the winter is extremely cold and damp.


Best Tourist Season:

The best weather is seen during the spring and autumn seasons when it is most suitable to travel. During the spring the parks of Changzhou are a good choice for the traveler and those which don’t charge an entry fee include Hong Mei {Red plum} park, Qing Feng Park and Nanyuan Park. For those parks who do, you will find the fee is very reasonable. Each park has its own particular features and beautiful scenery to offer, and they are all well worth a visit.


During the summer months you will notice the blossoming of both Changzhou City’s flower which is the Chinese rose and its city tree, the Magnolia grandiflora. The summer months are filled with the color and fragrance of flowers so if you visit Changzhou during this season you won’t be disappointed.


During the Autumn period Changzhou is cooler and more comfortable. During the

Autumn there is a very different charm to the place with the magnificent show of beautiful golden autumn leaves covering the trees in every park.

In winter and especially at the time of the Spring Festival, you may witness the Bell-striking Blessing Activities held in Tianning Temple in Changzhou on New Year’s Eve every year.

Transport links:


Changzhou Airport is located in Benniu Town, northwest of Changzhou, with one or more daily flights available to Beijing, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Chongqing, Kunming, Harbin, and Dalian, etc.


Changzhou has two railway stations , Changzhou Railway Station and Changzhou North Railway Station.


Recommended Tourist Itineraries

1-day Tour in Changzhou

Day1: Tianning Pagoda and Tianmu Lake

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